Sunday, June 12, 2011

A New Map for Ireland

The Archaeological Institute of America has a new "Archaeolgical Heritage Map of Ireland" produced using Google Earth. The KML file shows dozens of sites (Tara, Newgrange, Dun Aonghasa, etc.), with the usual goodies that Google Earth can provide.

Go and play with it.

A screenshot of the whole island from the AIA website

About the lack of posting

A few deaths in the family, and my weird, piecemeal job have thrown a spanner into my ability to blog with any regularity. I hope this will change soon.

In the meantime, one of those deaths has inadvertantly given me two things to post about:

  • Here is a video I took at Arlington after the funeral; my husband and I sort of stumbled on the Changing of the Guard ceremony, and I was able to take some video:

  • The relative who died had a scrapbook belonging to her in-laws; it's all postcards that date to about a hundred years ago, including this one:

    Cats With Guns--Yes, They WILL Haz Cheezeburger
      It's rather wonderfully strange, really, for a pun on "Catskill". There are postcards of Dreamland covered in glitter, of the town of Washington, PA (?), and lots of old New York.

  • So as to the second item, I'm thinking of making a new blog about these old postcards--images of them, how you could send one and expect it to get to its destination the same day (as my husband said, "Oh, so it was basically email"), things like that.

    Which doesn't mean I'm abandoning this blog--if anything, I think having a structured blog will help me get my head back into working on this one.