Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On My 34th Birthday, I Am Given a Bow and Arrow Set

Because I am a very mature, adult woman, my husband naturally gave me a bow and arrow for my birthday today. How he did it was fun.

Since I had the day off, and he didn't, he gave me my gifts last night: a new mess kit (very much needed), a pair of earrings, and a lego set (a very cool wizard and his pet dragon). So I wasn't expecting any other gifts tonight.

When we got home from dinner (sushi) tonight (about an hour ago), I went upstairs to change into something more comfortable--which, eh, is a sweatshirt, not what that phrase implies. Came back downstairs to watch last night's Daily Show, and Den says to me, "So, did you get everything you wanted for your birthday?"

"Yeah, I had a good one."

"Good." Looks behind me, to the bookcase. "What's that? What's behind you?"

So I whip around, and see, half-hidden behind the bookcase, a long package. "Huh--looks like Birthday Santa left an extra package!"

"Oh. My. God."

Because this should sound a little familiar, at least for Americans:

Yep--he Christmas Story'ed me. I couldn't be happier.