Saturday, October 11, 2008

In Other Good News...

I passed my CLEP College Math exam, which means I never have to take a math class again.

I don't hate math--though, it being so pure a science that it's unrelatable to my life (unlike, say, biology), I find it difficult to memorize, and thus learn. And no, math isn't unrelatable or absent from every day, but I still don't understand what a function is, or how to graph the inverse of a something-something. Or what the hell use is the square root of -1, which doesn't actually exist(???). On the other hand, it feels good to do an equation, find the value of x, and find out I got the answer right.

I really believed I was going to fail; I took the practice test last night and failed miserably, and spent the night crying and scared that I'd fail and not be able to get my certification. But it's over, I'm relieved and exhausted, and gonna get a beer.

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