Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Torchwood Coming to FOX? NO! NO NO NO!

So Russell T. Davies is working with FOX to bring Torchwood to America.

Not amused

I'd like to get excited, but some of us remember the time FOX tried to take on Doctor Who.

So a few caveats:

  • First, please, please, please don't set it in America. But if you must, don't set it in L.A., damn it.
  • Second, let's not forget that while FOX was home to The X-Files, it's also the graveyard of Firefly, Dollhouse, Arrested Development (yeah, not sci-fi, don't care, I'm still mad), and, again, the infamous Doctor Who tv movie.
  • This is American tv--what are the chances Jack's sexuality is imported unaltered?

So--how bad do you think it'll be?

*For the record, I'm not a Paul McGann basher. The movie wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen, just painfully American.

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