Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why I Fell Off the Face of the Earth

While it's hardly the first time I went a long time without posting, I feel like I should explain that I'm having an incredibly exhausting year.

In February, my husband and I went to California, followed by a trip to Ireland in April. I was intending on posting about the trip to Ireland, since it's in this blog's wheelhouse. But then in late May, we suffered a tragedy: my stepfather, with whom I was very close, suffered a stroke. He'd been with us in Ireland, and the stroke came as a shock. He lingered for a couple of weeks in a coma before dying. And to be honest, I haven't been the same since.

Meanwhile, I started a new job--a full-time job at that--a week before the stroke, and that's taken up a large chunk of my time.

I still intend to post about the trip to Ireland; aside from visiting places like Newgrange and Inis Mór, we also met my mom's cousins, who still live on the farm my great-grandfather left to come to the States. It was a wonderful trip, and I have some pretty cool pictures to post, but like I said, my heart hasn't been into it.

But I guess the depression is starting to lift, and I'll be able to start posting again.

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